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Third official BTS still from K-11 shows Jules and Kate

Director Jules Stewart works with actress Kate del Castillo, seen here in Mousey costume and makeup in the last of three behind-the-scenes stills from K-11.


K-11 Costume Designer Sarah Trost Talks “Mousey” Costume

We recently caught up with K-11 costume designer Sarah Trost to talk about the costume design for the character of Mousey in K-11 and the unique restrictions place on her by Director Jules Stewart.

We have now seen the first picture of one of your costumes- on the character of Mousey, played by actress Kate Del Castillo. 






















Tell us about this costume and what you were thinking.

Jules Stewart, the Director of K-11, told me I had to create costumes using only things that could be found within K-11 itself, so I was thinking I have 12 components to work with.  I have to sew this with dental floss and dye it with soda and juice…AND make it look like it was conceived and produced within the dorm??  How do I make this outfit sexy, powerful, and represent Mousey without having to verbally explain her character’s checkered background?

Mousey is the Queen and pinnacle of the dorm society. No one in the dorm is allowed to upstage Mousey in their attire. I wanted to portray this power and separation with the most intricate, well fitting, and time-consuming outfits the dorm life has to offer. In order to be successful this design had to include harsh and powerful movement and all available colors (the fringe), coveted sparkle (chip bags and soda can pulls incorporated in the halter strap), and convey an overall shape befitting her heritage, gang affiliation, and sex appeal.

Stay tuned for more interviews in the future with Sarah and other members of the cast and crew!

Sarah Trost is a California native and the only Los Angeles contestant accepted to Project Runway, Season 8.  She is a fashion columnist for Frontiers Magazine.  Trost is the third generation of her family to work in the film industry.  Her expertise with fabric type, texture and period research was honed by two years in the Warner Brothers’ costume house. Notably influenced by fantasy and adventure movies of the 80s, Sarah has also been impacted by her global travel experiences – to places like England, Thailand and Argentina.  Sarah has designed costumes for a variety of formats, including film, television and music videos.

~Interview by Libertine Films ©2012


Kate Del Castillo in People En Espanol

Actress Kate Del Castillo, who plays Mousey in K-11, was featured in an article on People En Espanol on March 14th.  Link here: http://bit.ly/zBF1Ti.  We’ll have an HQ version of that still on the website soon!